From time-to-time over the past few years I have considered sharing my digital voice.  My consideration would quickly be met with uncertainty as the questions to myself began weighing heavier by the minute.  “What will I write about?” and “Who will care to read?” were often cited at the top my “List of Doubts”.  So why now, after so much self-doubt have I decided to put my list aside and continue forth on my digital journey?


I suppose boredom is not the best reason to dive into something, but I think there is a certain motivation behind it that shines with great appeal.  I’m not necessarily bored at this moment or even bored with my life.  I most often feel bored when I am at work.  So maybe now, this is my attempt at reaching beyond the mind-numbing labors of a warehouse associate and into some of my more cunning abilities.

Am I Even A Writer?

Writing stories, ideas and even computer programs has been something I’ve enjoyed since a young age.  That means sitting down with pen and paper or keyboard and screen feels quite natural to me.  However, does that natural feeling and long history of hobbyist story teller make a me a good fit to write professionally (or even semi-pro)?  I’m not yet sure, but at least I can now say I’ve tried.

May The Odds Forever Be In My Favor

Reading books and studying English never sat well with me.  That makes me think the odds are stacked against.  Then I think about the years I spent making marketing materials.  The tedious, nit-picking, word perfecting edits I ended up doing hundreds of times on a single document, really brought out the better side of my vocabulary and writing skills.  That makes me think the odds are not so bad.

Marketing? What Happened To Warehouse Associate?

Ahh yes, the transition from aspiring entrepreneur to grunt laborer.  How did that happen?  I’d like to blame life for that.  Unfortunately, it’s not life’s fault and I can only point the finger back at myself.  I know, taking responsibility — yuck!  I’ve run an online business, I’ve partnered with other businesses to supply myself with projects and in the end, I was left with instability.  After meeting a girl and promising her the world, I realized stability was what I needed most.  So I’ve spent the past 4 years being physically exhausted and brain dead, but it was all for the best cause — the cause of love (cheese alert!).

Let The Pilot Conclude

Where to go from here.  Besides boredom, I was also motivated by the random topics of discussion I come across with my other brain dead co-workers.  I’m able to captivate them long enough to hold a conversation, so maybe I can try the same on a larger scale.  Of course I’ll assume (or at minimum hope) you (the reader) are a little more alert and a little less brain dead than my previous audience.

Wait… What’s with image at the beginning?

I wanted to find the perfect image to sum up my life.  I browsed through my gallery for 30 minutes before stumbling upon this image.  A picture of my two year old son in the distance, running towards his favorite stuffed animal.  The joy he was given just by this simple stuffed toy, made me think “life should always be this simple”.  So what better way to introduce myself than with a picture of my beloved child enjoying the simplest pleasures life has to offer.


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