Blinkers? I don’t need no stinkin’ blinkers!

Have you ever been driving and suddenly without warning the driver in front of you stops, turns and leaves you swearing every bad word in the dictionary? Or maybe the driver takes an hour and a half to slow down, while passing fifty driveways with their blinker on, leaving you wondering, “When the hell are you going to turn!?”. I know I have; which lead me to write this article.

We all have our own opinions on how to drive and we have our own good and bad habits. Out of all the things people do on the road, I seem to get most irritated at the use of blinkers. I’ve decided to group drivers based on their use of blinkers. Which group do you fall into?

Speed Demon ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

“I’m running late, get out of my way, no time for blinkers!”

Hey Speed Demon! Your finesse is something to reckon with. You weave in and out of traffic as if the road is an obstacle course and you are trying to set a new record. Brakes and blinkers are not your thing! If there is a turn coming up, you make it as fast as possible and give no warning to anyone. Of course alerting drivers means nothing, since you are the only one on the road. Conclusion: Blinkers suck!

Slick Rick ๐Ÿ˜Ž

“It’s whatever bro, I’m just coolin’.”

What’s up Slick Rick? You have the sun at your back and nothing really matters. You speed when there’s a need or otherwise you’re just crusin’ with the top down. You follow the rules when it’s cool. You use the blinker when traffic is tight, just to make sure no one hits your ride. Turning is another story. You sometimes remember and sometimes forget. Conclusion: Blinkers are cool, when you remember to use them.

Upright and Uptight ๐Ÿ˜‡

“The law of the road will keep me safe. Safe is good. Really good.”

Hello Mr. Upright and Uptight. You want to feel safe. Everyone around you is unpredictable and scary. The best way to ensure your own survival; follow the rules. You do not go over the speed limit, you keep a safe following distance and most importantly you make everyone aware of your next move. You never miss a blink and you even keep a copy of the latest driver’s ed manual in the car to refresh your knowledge from time to time. Conclusion: Blinkers all the time, it’s the law.

Miss Daisy ๐Ÿ‘ต

“All you young whipper-snappers better slow down!”

Good Mourning Miss Daisy. Is it Sunday mourning already? You try to get out before the roads become crowded. Driving the speed limit feels too fast and your blinkers seem to stretch a mile. Where do you plan on turning? Your unpredictable nature makes everyone else wish you had a chauffeur. Conclusion: You are overly cautious and don’t enjoy driving much these days.

The groups are out, so where do you fall?

Personally, I think I am a Slick Rick. Not because I think I’m cool, but because my blinkers made me cool. I tend to use my blinkers most of the time, but still there are times I just need to cruise. I may also be transformed into an Upright and Uptight kind of driver one of these days, but I hope not to become so dull.

A quick story before I go…

I was a Speed Demon early in my driving career. Get out of my way or else. Then one day the blinkers on my beater stopped working. It was a nightmare! Turning left at a busy intersection almost caused me a few accidents. I tried using those cool biker hand signals out of my window, but to drivers, that just came off as an aggressive gesture. As if I was telling them “F YOU AND F USING MY BLINKERS!”. Once I got a new car with some shinny working blinkers, I made sure to use them every chance I had!


3 Replies to “Blinkers? I don’t need no stinkin’ blinkers!”

  1. I tend to use signals – since current cars pretty much log everything if there’s an accident I can just pull the logs and say “You ignored the signal.”

    That said, I’m also something of a speed demon. Part of it is because I’m a Zipcar subscriber. Every different car I get that has a tach, and all of them do now, I take it out and see if I can red line it, and how stable it is over 80MPH. For instance the Mazda 3 even when new wasn’t stable at 80MPH, however I note Honda Odyssey of all things is rock solid at 100MPH. And a new Ford Focus SE – you can red line it REALLY easily.


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