Quick Tip: Protect Your Online Accounts

If you’re like me, you probably have one email that “rules all”.  I use my email for work or personal contacts, jobs, social media, streaming services, utility bills — you name it.  Writing a public article admitting to my fault is probably making me more vulnerable, but no worries, I plan to fix that tonight!  Since I am making a change, I decided to share my thought with anyone who is interested, in hope they (you) will make a change too!


This idea is not new.  I know some crafty individuals are already doing this, but for those who are not, why not give it a try?  Email accounts are free and if you use gmail, you can easily switch between accounts on any device!  Other services may allow easy account switching too, but guess what?  I don’t use them, so I wouldn’t know! ✌🐱‍👤  I’ve tried having a business email and a personal email, but I ended up ditching the business email when my business changed (more like died and came back to life years later 😁).  Now I am back to one bulky account.

Organizing Multiple Emails

I don’t want to drag a quick tip on for two hours, so I’ll do a quick rundown of how I recommend using multiple emails and then I’ll be on my way for the night.

  1. Public Facing Email – This is the account you use for job applications, contact with friends or anything else that may require you to communicate with someone directly through email messages.  This is your “main account”.
  2. Social Media Email – Rather obvious; this is the email you use to login to all your social media accounts.  This may not be the best idea — since a hack into this account gives someone access to all your precious social activities — but unless they have your phone too (2-step authentication), you should be safe.
  3. Banking Email – This is the email no one should ever know.  Use this strictly for banking password recovery and be sure this password does not match the password of your other email accounts (keep all account passwords different for the best protection).
  4. Bill Pay and Service Email – This is the boring email that you can throw under the rug and let collect dust.  Better yet, find a way to make it pay your bills without taking all your hard earned pay!  If only… 💳 Use this account for utilities, cable (if you are the 1 of 10 people who still use it), streaming services, etc.  Any service that you pay money to.

That should be everything.  I suppose you could create one last email for “miscellaneous” but that’s optional and probably not necessary.  I do recommend unique passwords for each account, write them on SEPARATE pieces of paper and store them in SEPARATE places in your house or place of comfort (and probably not in your car, school locker or places of easy access).  Maybe it’s a bit dramatic, but it is for YOUR protection.  If you feel safe and cuddly, you could just store your passwords in a notebook or in a text document on the computer.


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