Overcoming the work blues

This week marks the third continuous week I have had to work overtime.  A normal work week is a headache on it’s own, so a mandatory 50+ extra hours over three weeks has escalated work into a full-on-raging migraine!  I must have uttered the words “I’m gonna quit” at least 20 times over a two week span and I’m more serious about it with each passing day.  Before pulling the trigger however, I have to remember; I have responsibilities. 💩😭  OH how I sometimes wish I was a kid again.

FACT OF LIFE: Work sucks from time to time.  Even if you have a great job, great hours, great boss and it’s all smiles and unicorns, your job can sometimes feel more like frowns and minotaurs.

[Side Track: I was just reading about the Minotaur and deciding if he fits into my analogy.  I then discovered something interesting; The Minotaur appears briefly in Dante’s Infernoas Dante and his guide prepare to enter the Seventh Circle of Hell.  Why is that interesting?  Because work feels like the Seventh Circle of Hell right now! 🤣]

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I’m not happy at work, how can it be fixed?

It’s just one of those days and work feels depressing, what is a person to do?  I’m not an expert on human psychology, so I may not have the best advice, but here’s what may help:

Stop working so hard – Going above and beyond can be a great way to shine.  You may even worry that not performing as people expect, will lead them to question, “what’s wrong with him/her?”.  Well unless it’s your boss, what’s wrong with you is none of their business.  Taking a day off from superstar status can boast your moral long-term.  Never-mind the one-day worries.  Just remember to get back to being a great worker ASAP!  It seems I slipped into slacker mode a few too many times over the years.  I know the consequences!

Challenge yourself – For the overachiever, I recommended slowing down a bit.  For the underachiever, why not try the opposite?  Try to push yourself at work.  Set goals or challenges and see if you can reach them or beat them.  This will give your work a sense of purpose.  This might make other people think “what is that slacker trying to prove?”, but once again, who cares what they think?  Your boss will never turn down an extra effort!

Work in another department – I’m not sure if a doctor can ask to work the reception desk for the day, but for many occupations, cross-department work is easily available.  Working in another department can be a great way to learn new skills, get out of the routine of your normal task(s) and most importantly gives you opportunity to grow your career.

Find an outlet – Work may just be simple, uninspiring and overall boring.  That’s how I feel with my current job.  I really need something more challenging to motivate me.  To get me through the stresses of Boredom Land, I do many (sometimes) challenging things outside of work.  For example, I write software and try to come up with new products and business ideas.  I write this blog and I also draw little cartoon characters.  Those “outlets” give me variety and make work feel like something worth getting through each day.

Plan for the future – Whether you want a promotion, a new job or a completely different life path, the goals of the future could shine a little bit of light down on your gloomy day.  If work feels pointless, don’t think about it.  Instead, think about how happy you will be once you get that dream job or accomplish something great.  The future is our single greatest motivator.  The side effect of dreaming is constant sadness until you reach your dream(s).  To keep disappointment at bay, I recommend following my 5 steps to reaching your goals.  This way you will find happiness in small successes.

No matter what happens in your job or life, just know that things will get better if you try.  Sadness is natural and does not always have the best timing.  If the work blues goes on for too long, it’s probably time to find a new job.  A new environment with new people may offer a new outlook on life.  If a new job is not an option, try your best to make the old (current) one seem worth your time.



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