Staying job focused is hard to do

I am a dreamer.  Ever since I was 10 years old, I wanted to be a business man.  I remember getting in trouble at school for having my own hustle.  I was a gum dealer.  I would buy Bubblcious in bulk and sell it for a markup.  I turned $1 into $5 in a week, so I decided to “rinse and repeat”.  That was until the fuzz (my teacher) caught wind and shut down my operation.  Now maybe they thought this was a prelude to me becoming a drug dealer, I don’t know.  I was the class clown and notorious trouble maker after all.  However, my intentions were pure.  Make a profit and use the money to buy things I wanted.  I didn’t want to do anything illegal, I actually loved the idea having a business, advertising it, making a sale, etc.

Back to present day.  I still have this dream of owning a successful business that employs a lot of people.  When I was 16, I started a web design business, found a way to get a few clients and even had two people working for me when needed.  Then I realized the hardship of having clients.  I am basically being bossed around to make things that I don’t even like.  Hmm, that’s not very fun at all.  That’s life though.  We have to get through the things we don’t like, in order to reach the things we do like.  I didn’t quite understand that at 19 and I was very stubborn.

I decided to say goodbye to the web design business and started working with one single person.  I began doing marketing material and web design for various projects.  That was at times fun and at times difficult to stomach.  Again, I was debating project ideas with people who eventually just got what they wanted because they had the money.  Great!  When will my creative actually be utilized?  Well after several years, funding ran out and I was stuck looking for a source of income.  Then came the warehouse.

I have worked in the warehouse for almost 5 years.  I have also spent the past 3 years desperately trying to find my next big idea to get the hell out of there!  Monotonous, redundant tasks are a brain killer!  I can’t focus in that job and everyone can see it.  I am not productive and it’s not because I am lazy.  I simple cannot tolerate the simplicity of the work.  I need a challenge!

I have started a few projects and spend thousands of dollars, but my lack of focus is killing me.  I get an idea and start rolling with it without thoughtfully planning the entire thing out.  I am ambitious, but jumping into things is not a solid game plan.  I am trying to learn from my mistakes though and have started an online t-shirt business.  Not original, I know, but it has cheap startup cost, I can actually do something creative and my work is not based on anyone else’s idea!  I am free to do what I want and that helps me focus on the job.  Even better, I made a plan this time.  I will build software for the shop and sell that as a service, that way my project has multiple revenue streams.

The moral of my story is to know what you love and stick to it.  No matter what or who gets in the way, a passion for doing what you love should conquer all.



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