What If: Earth Is At War With Humans

I wrote this idea down awhile ago and now I forget everything that I was thinking about when I first thought of the idea.  “What if” has always been one of my favorite questions though, so I will just have to wing it. 😜🤩

Disclaimer: This is a what if so I don’t plan on doing a fact check after I write this.  It’s just a hypothetical situation that may or may not be true. 

Earth vs Humans

The Earth has been around for five billion years.  Humans have been around for a couple hundred thousands years.  That’s 5,000,000,000 years for Earth and 200,000 years for Humans.  By Humans, I mean modern man, not the other groups of Homo_(Fill In The Blank) that go back a couple million years.  Given the years of experience, I think Earth has had enough time to figure out how to survive.

The Earth is constantly changing and evolving.  At one point in time, Earth was a giant fire ball filled with Hydrogen and Helium.  After several face lifts, Earth as we know it today came to exist.  That was 550 million years ago (give or take a few years).  Since this is not Science or History class and I probably don’t know what I’m talking about, let’s move on to the War.

Earth continues to get hotter.  It has become popular belief that Humans created this “Global Warming” through “Green House Gases” and we are to blame.  I disagree.  I think Humans keep attacking Earth by cutting down trees, drilling for gas and fossil fuels and much much more.  Earth is has become pissed off.  Earth wants Humans to calm down so it has issued a warning.  Earth wants to let Humans know to back down or else shits about to get real.

Does this mean Earth has a brain and is capable of making mindful decisions?  Probably not.  Earth doesn’t think in the way Humans do.  Humans have a very short time to live, so they cram as much knowledge into their brains as they can and then try to pass it along to the next person before they go.  That makes Humans impulsive and scared.  Earth only thinks about one thing: Sole Survival.  Earth knows there is not another planet to pass it’s wisdom unto.  Earth knows it needs to protect itself.  It knew that being a fireball was going to cause it to explode, so it ate up a bunch of space trash to create a shield (land).  Then it figured out how to keep that shield from drying up by using the Hydrogen in its fire ball to create water.  Earth was doing good for a long time, but it created the impulsive Human that may be sending it off it’s peak.

The war has begun, but through cooperation and patience, peace will be achieved.

What happens if Humans keep attacking Earth?  I don’t think Earth wants to kill it’s own creation.  Everything Earth has accomplished over the past 5 billion years would go to waste if it destroyed it’s greatest achievement.  Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Disease and so on is all a way for Earth to create balance.  The more Humans do to destroy the balance, the more Earth will unleash it’s devastation.  We have already seen a heavy output of natural disasters over the past 50 years and it seems that it will become more frequent until Humans learn that Earth wants to remain in balance.  If Humans prove to be overwhelming to Earths mission of survival, it will find a forerunner to replace Humans.



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